Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do one-way hire?

Yes we do. Also, unlike some rental companies we have no problems with you taking your car on the ferry to and from the North and South Islands.
Just select an alternate return address and we’ll sort out the rest. There is of course an extra fee to help us cover costs.

What is your 'Airport Pickup'?

We’ll wait for you to arrive, at your terminal. We’ll be ready to help with bags and will drive you a short distance to Hitch HQ, where we’ll have your car ready.
So you can finish, or start your NZ journey hassle free. Just let us know your arrival time and flight number in the checkout screen.We’ll be waiting with our big Hitch van and trailer just outside your terminal where the taxis park.

See this video for details Hitch Airport Pickup:

Can I rent a car with a foreign drivers license?

Yes, you can rent a car from us with any license that has no restrictions (i.e. restricted, learners or P license).  You MUST have your license with you pick up the car and at all times while driving.  If your license is in a language that is not english you MUST have an official translation (you can get one here: and you MUST also have your original license with you.

After Hours

Can I pick up my car After Hours?

Yes anytime 24hrs a day, 7 days a week from Auckland or Christchurch, although we do require $35 extra on top of your booking to help us cover our costs. If you are picking up after-hours we will also need to confirm you have a full drivers license (translated into English / International Permit if necessary), and you will need to pay the full amount of the hire up front. Once confirmed, we will send you detailed instructions on how to pick up your car. Keep reading below for a brief overview of how it works…

How does an After Hours Pickup work in Auckland?

If you’ve booked an after hours pickup in Auckland, you will have received detailed instructions via email from us.

to make your way over to the Hitch/USave branch at 9 Manu Tapu drive. This is a 10-15 minute walk or you can get a ride from Kiwi Goa ( ). If you would prefer a pick up service please contact us during business hours to arrange pick up with Airport Park and Ride service. This service is a bus pick up from the terminal which runs every 15 minutes and the car will be left for you at the Park and Ride depot. The cost for this is $35 and must be arranged at least 48 hours in advance.

We also have an after hours line which will divert from 0800 939 503. When you come to return your car, please do so at our normal address. Click here for the International bus stop map and click here for the Domestic.

How does an ‘After Hours' pickup work in Christchurch?

If you’ve booked an after hours pickup in Christchurch, you will have received detailed instructions via email from us.
All you need to do, is dial 25 from the free phone board (at the ‘i-Site’ Visitor Information area) in the airport. It is opposite the ANZ ATM in the international arrivals hall. Dialing 25 will connect you with Airpark Canterbury, simply tell them you have an after-hours booking with Hitch Car Rentals and they will pick you up shortly from the Taxi stand behind the i-Site. Once presenting your license, they will give you the car keys, take you to your vehicle, and away you go.
We also have an after hours line which will divert from 0800 939 503, or in Christchurch only +64 3357 3074. When you come to return your car, please do so at our normal address. Click here for the i-Site airport map.

Do you offer ski racks?

Yes, they can be fitted all SUVs.

Just email [email protected] with your booking number to request (additional charges may apply).


Do you offer ski racks?

Yes, ski racks are a free option with all SUVs. Just email [email protected] with your booking code to request.

Are all your cars Auto?

Yes, they are. However, most of our models also have Tiptronic gearboxes, which means you can also select a gear you want. You may have seen them before, normally next to the D for Drive, there may be a “+” and a “-“, where you can manually select higher or lower gears. All of our SUV’s have Tiptronic gearboxes.

Are your SUVs 4WD/AWD?

Most of our SUVs and Premium SUVs in the South Island are AWDs, not 2WDs. However, some of them are FWDs. To request an AWD SUV, please email [email protected] after placing your booking.

Can I hire a car with a P licence (or restricted licence)?

No, unfortunately we can only hire to drivers with full licences.

Why are some of your vehicles ‘budget’?

We acquired some company fleet vehicles which are a slightly older than the rest of our fleet. As they are company ex-lease fleets they are in exceptional condition with low mileage. However, we can reduce our prices on these cars for you.

Heading up the mountain?

Mountains are fun and we fully encourage you to explore the amazing New Zealand landscape, however, we recommend choosing a car suitable for the driving conditions. We recommend a SUV if you think your journey may include ski fields or alpine regions.

Car Seats, Snow Chains and GPS

Our branches have a supply of baby seats (for infants up to 6 months), booster seaters (for children up to 5 years), snow chains and GPS units. To ensure that these are available for you make sure you specify them at the time of booking.

What does your 24/7 Roadside Assistance cover?

Any public road in NZ at anytime, day or night, you are covered. Our nationwide breakdown company (AA) will pick you up roadside and fix or tow your vehicle, or give you a ride to your destination. For AA roadside assistance call 0800 500 222.

What is covered in our standard insurance?

You, your vehicle, any passenger and any party involved in an accident is covered to the extent of $1,000,000 in respect to any liability for damage to property, animals, vehicles, and persons. We have excess choices of $0.00, $350.00 and $2,500.00. Please check T&C’s for insurance exclusions such as due to drugs or alcohol.
Hitch Terms and Conditions.
If you want to stick with the $2,500 excess that’s fine but we will need to secure a $1,000 bond by way of a credit card authorisation, even if you have insurance with a 3rd party.
You must have a valid credit card with you
In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle we will need to charge the registered credit card up to the amount of the excess on the booking.

What about additional drivers?

We don’t charge for additional drivers, however we do need to record the details of anyone who will be driving the car. The best time to do this is when you pick up the car.

Of course all drivers must have a full drivers licence and abide by the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

Can I cancel my booking?

We have no cancellations fees, however any deposits paid at the time of booking are non-refundable.

If I don’t know of any great road-trip routes, can you tell me some?

Of course, our friendly team will be really happy to tell you their recommendations when they deliver your car. We also have a blog coming soon on this site which will delve into NZ’s greatest drives. Alternatively check here for 1.36mins of NZ inspiration courtesy of James Cameron Hitch New Zealand Guide.

How long have you been operating?

We are a relatively new company, with a talented team with many decades of car rental experience. We started Hitch because we believed in doing things differently. We put customer experience and exceeding expectations first. We don’t believe in maximising margins with hidden costs.

Your journey is our passion, from the moment you touchdown in NZ until you return your car. We don’t believe in cheap tricks and shortcuts, our passion in this field is our long term strategy.

Do people recommend you?

We currently have one of NZ’s highest satisfaction ratings for any car rental company, with reviews from Facebook, Google Reviews, and CarDelMar.